Ambitos jur�dicos de actuaci�n

STRATEG XXI ESTUDIO JURÍDICO Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada Profesional OUR PROFILE STRATEG XXI is a legal organisation established in Madrid and Barcelona, which reflects the long tradition and experience of its members with professional careers developed in advising companies and foreign investors, making serious efforts to penetrate and grow in the Spanish market and to collaborate with Spanish companies wishing to expand into other markets.

This legal organisation has a clear international vocation, due to its origins as much as its professionals, clients, concept and philosophy of service.

The team consists of lawyers with complementary training and experience and fluency in several languages, which provide STRATEG XXI with high multidisciplinary efficiency aimed at all the Legal aspects of the business world: Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Contract Law (Distribution, Competition, Industrial and Intellectual Property), Property Law, Tax Law, Economic Criminal Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Legal and extra-judicial Claims, Insolvency Law....

Since it was founded in 1995, STRATEG XXI has been consolidating a tight network of external collaborators, both in Spain and abroad (initially in France, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom, to subsequently expand into other countries and continents) to meet the numerous service provisions already proposed by the firm in the interest of its clients.

Teamwork is one of STRATEG XXI's main sources of inspiration, understanding that efficient work is only achieved by contrasting opinions with respect to specific legal questions.

valores de profesionalidad

Over the years we have created a cohesive team whose disposition and availability transmit values of professionalism, efficiency and closeness to the client. We have placed priority on a working structure that offers -over and above all other alternatives- direct and personalised customer services from each head of area, because we believe that this guarantees the highest quality of service provision and the best response adapted at all times to our clients' needs.

This direct and continuous contact has led to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, enabling us to acquire special sensitivity with respect to the individual needs of each of them.

The STRATEG XXI organisation is found in Madrid at its STRATEG XXI Estudio Jurídico, S.L.P. office and in Barcelona at the STRATEG XXI, Advocats, S.C.P. structure. The firm also has the framework in place to carry out complementary activities in the interest of its clients through STRATEG XXI, S.L.